Wine denomination: Riviera del Garda Classico – Valtènesi DOC

Wine year: 2022

Wine refinement: stainless steel tanks

Alcohol degree: 13,50%

GRAPES BLEND: Groppello 60% Barbera 25% Sangiovese 10% Marzemino 5%

AGE OF THE VINEYARD: about 25 years grapevine

COMPOSITION OF THE SOIL: The vineyard is located in a reclaimed area known as the “Balosse” wetland. The soil is rich in organic matter with a good presence in calcium carbonate.

EXPOSURE: east/west

GEOGRAPHICAL PRODUCTION AREA: Our Valtènesi Fontanamora is named after the vineyard’s location, which is in the highest area of Moniga del Garda. The vineyard is well ventilated and with a splendid view of our lake. It has a perfect east/west exposure, which allows perfect exposure to sunlight from sunrise to sunset.

BRANCHING: Guyot trellis-training, Simonit pruning method. From 4 to 5 buds for each rod.



SEASON 2022: For many reasons, the beginning of the 2022 season was very similar to the 2021 season. The months of November and December were characterized by an unusually mild weather with poor rainfall. Thankfully, the following months were marked by a significant drop of the temperatures, which led the vines towards a late sprouting. Indeed, season 2022 witnessed quit a late sprouting, unlike the early sprouting recorded in previous years. The following months of flowering were dominated by torrid weather and poor rainfall, allowing an excellent ripening phase in terms of fruit and vine wholesomeness. Only younger vines with underdeveloped roots suffered significant water stress and required our team to use frequent and abundant irrigation. The first generous rain was recorded on August 18th . The rainfall of those days became providential to achieve the perfect cluster ripening. Rain and day/night temperature changes have been a boon to the growth of the phenolic components, which develop and accumulate due to the temperature changes and other peculiar climatic features of our lake climate. The month of September was characterized by beautiful sunny days and light breezes which anticipated the cluster ripening by about 15 days compared to the previous three vintages 2019/2020/2021. The first cluster was harvested on August 20th . For a month our team was engaged in exclusively nighttime harvests. Due to drastic temperatures increase during the day, we are forced to harvest our grapes from the vine few hours before the sunrise. The climate is then good and ensures and preserves proper crispness of the grape, which holds the secret to each of our wines.


VINIFICATION: In order to obtain an excellent wine different grapes are vinified separately thus creating different monovarietal bases. The grapes are carefully selected, collected, destemmed and then directly pumped in tanks. Among these we can find the Fenil Boi; its pressing process is done through the use of dry ice which allows optimal pressing in the absence of oxygen, preserving the noble and unique components of the terroir. After a short cryo-maceration, the grapes undergo a soft pressing. The flower must is kept at 10 C° and allowed to clarify naturally by static settling. Then the limpid is drawn off and fermented at a controlled temperature using specific yeasts. Once the different pure wines are obtained, we choose the blend that will lead us to the new Fontanamora vintage. The Vino Nuovo will age until February using cadenced batonnage, then is clarified and filtered for bottling. A short bottle aging follows before being sold.

SENSORY ANALYSIS: Light pink color with violet highlights. The nose is sharp: a hint of white-pulp peach develops towards agrumate, leaving hints of orange blossom and the typical peppery note of Groppello. In the mouth, you can enjoy the freshness of this wine with a marked minerality and sapidity taste for a unique juicy sensation.

FOOD PAIRINGS: Excellent pairing throughout all courses. Perfect for the Mediterranean cuisine, from lake fish to typical fried seafood. Suggested as aperitif on warm summer nights.