Wine denomination: DOC Lugana

Wine year: 2023

Wine refinement: Stainless steel tanks punctuated by constant batonnage

Alcohol degree: 13,50%

GRAPES BLEND: 100% trebbiano di Lugana (Turbiana)

AGE OF THE VINEYARD: About 20 years grapevine

COMPOSITION OF THE SOIL: Soil is mostly clay with the addition of glacial sediments

GEOGRAPHICAL PRODUCTION AREA: The grapes for this wine are selected from a small area located in the highest DOC Lugana zone in “Località Fenil Boi”. This area is located in the heart of the morainic amphitheater that surrounds the southern part of Lake Garda, its altitude allows for an excellent day/night temperature range which, combined with constant ventilation, allows a complete maturation of the aromas and of all the noble components of the bunch.

BRANCHING: Guyot trellis-training, Simonit pruning method. From 4 to 5 buds for each rod.



SEASON 2023: The 2023 season had completely different connotations compared to previous harvests. Between November and February there were constant rains and good snowfalls in the Alpine and pre-Alpine areas, in particular Monte Baldo remained white until the end of March. Budding began in line with the 2022 vintage, in fact, the first cottony buds showed themselves around March 14th. Until the end of April, the climate was mild and windy, allowing the vine to sprout constantly and gradually. From May onwards, however, heavy and constant rainfall occurred, heralding a season that would not be easy from an agronomic point of view. The development of the bunch was slowed down by the sudden vegetative push of the vine, resulting in a delay of around 15 days compared to the 2022 vintage. Complete veraison occurred with a strong general delay, leading the grapes to accumulate high point of acidity until the end of September. Fortunately, as with the last 2 years, the harvest was accompanied by a phase of general good weather, in fact the months of September and October proved to be dry and constantly windy. The first bunch was harvested on the night of September 6th and the extraction of the first musts demonstrated the particularity of the season. The rainy and cool climate characterized the vintage, making it unique from the point of view of gustatory and aromatic freshness.


VINIFICATION: The selected grapes, once in the winery, are destemmed and put directly into the press. Pressing process is done through the use of dry ice which allows optimal pressing in the absence of oxygen, preserving the noble and unique components of the terroir and Lugana. After this cryo-maceration, the grapes undergo a soft pressing. The must is kept at 10 C° and allowed to clarify naturally by static settling. Then the limpid is drawn off and fermented at a controlled temperature using specific yeasts. Once obtained, the wine is left to mature for about 6 months in stainless steel tanks, cadenced by constant batonnage, and then left to refine in the bottle.

SENSORY ANALYSIS: Straw yellow color with golden highlights. On the nose it is exuberant, expressing the typical ripe aromas of Lugana among which the yellow pulp fruit stands out with a note of cedar and acacia honey. On the palate it is soft, rich and dynamic with a distinct mineral note and a long and complex finish.

FOOD PAIRINGS: It is particularly good with lake and sea fish, as well as with a delicate risottos. Also suitable for dishes richer in flavor such as game and medium-aged cheeses.