45min     min. 2 participants    


Three glasses that best express our winery and the terroirs in which we live. Discover the beauty of this wonderful land in all its declinations. From Valtenesi, the area that has always been suited to the production of pink wines, to Lugana, the land made up of glacial sand and clay.

  •  1 Glass of Valtenesi Fontanamora 2023
  • 1 Glass of Lugana Doc “Vigna Fenil Boi” 2023
  • 1 Glass of Seselle Doc Valtenesi 2021
  • Selection of cheeses: Formaggella refined in mines from Valle Camonica, Roccolo from Val Taleggio and mountain Parmigiano Reggiano from the “Cavola” dairy


€ 22 per person