Our History


Year 0

Turina family entered into viticulture and the production of rosé wine in Valtènesi in the late 1800s: our great-great-grandfather Angelo Turina worked alongside Senator Pompeo Molmenti known worldwide as the creator of Chiaretto. Thanks to this incredible cooperation Angelo created ”Vino di una Notte” (registered trademark).


Early ‘20

In the early 1920s a wine-making revolution that started in Valtenesi led many people to develop a strong passion for the local varieties of the Garda Bresciano area.
From this time on, the family began its journey in the viticulture and olive-growing market.
During the same years, a young Luigi Turina was determined to promote the products and flavors of the Valtenesi area. For this reason he was use to ride his bullock cart, loaded with demijohns filled with wine, outside the Brescian borders.


Turina’s brothers revolution

In 1940, wine production in this area was entrusted exclusively to large local wineries to which small local producers brought their grapes for the vinification of the Garda Bresciano red wines.
The weather season was favorable that year and a large quantity of grapes was sent to the most important wineries in Moniga del Garda. Unexpectedly, one day Turina’s family grapes weren’t collected. The two brothers, Gaudenzio and Angelo, had to find an immediate solution as not to lose the harvest. The two brothers decided to rent cement tanks from local farmers starting to make wine for their own grapes.


First winery

Since the very first try, the two brothers decided that time had come for them to begin their journey as independent winemakers. In 1946, they started their personal journey of qualitative research in the vineyard and winemaking experimentation in the cellar.


Everyone is welcome!

The first rumors about Turina’s wines spread in the small town of Moniga. Every day groups of friends and enthusiasts knocked on the door in Via Magenta to enjoy wine and olive oil, served with traditional bread and salami cured in the ancient cellar.


First bottles

During the early 1960s the first bottles of Turina wine were produced and marketed. The very first logo has been kept unchanged throughout the years to emphasize the indissoluble link of traditions and heritage of our family, between past, present and future.


A visionary spirit

The Turinas togheter have always stood out for their ability to dare, for generating new ideas, to embark on new paths, to experiment, to think outside the box. Our work has always aimed to improve our knowleadge and with it also the quality of our wine. We’ll always try to be ahead of time, working hard to raise our quality standards.

In the mid-70s Gaudenzio decided to move the headquarters from Moniga del Garda city centre to a plot of land in the hinterland. This choice, though risky, will ultimately prove successful in the
following years.


A generational change

In the late 80s, Luigi Paolo and Dario took part of the winery. The three young men brought with them new ideas, technological innovations that, while respecting tradition, contributed to a modern and qualitative interpretation of Valtenesi and Lugana wines.


Pompeo Molmenti award

In 1996 Turina’s Chiaretto wins the Pompeo Molmenti award at its third edition.


The 4th generation

In the early 2000, the fourth generation of Turinas men joined the family business.
Matteo, Andrea and Marco, sons of Paolo and Luigi respectively, countinue today the hard work that their great-grandparents started more than 70 years ago.


Lake Garda’s best Chiaretto

Turina’s 2007 Chiaretto vintage wins for the 2nd time the Pompeo Molmenti award for best rosè wine of Lake Garda.


We’re Valtenesi’s best keepers

Taking care of our land is essential to enhance its best properties. This is why the work of the entire Turina family is essential to highlight the properties of our wine. We are bound to our land just as we are bound to our history and traditions. The passion and commitment in cultivating the vineyard has been passed down in our family from father to son. The vine is for us as delicate as it is precious as for more than a hundred years it has been producing Chiaretto, our flagship wine and excellence of our land.

Tradition and Innovation are the founding values of our wine making. They represent the constant challenge that every day drive us as vine cultivators and wine artisans.